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7 Ways to Give Your Bathroom a Tile Makeover [INFOGRAPHIC]

Are you tired of your bathroom? You don’t need a complete renovation—you simply need some tile inspiration! Discount tile can work wonders in giving your bathroom a facelift without breaking the bank. For instance, if you have a small bathroom that could stand to feel a little bigger, add some glass tile to the wall. Glass tiles reflect light, which will open up your space. If your bathroom is feeling a little underwhelming, add instant drama using mosaic tile to create a focal point or colorful porcelain tile to line your shower. Get more inspiration for your bathroom tile makeover in this infographic from Tiles for Less. We offer cheap tile in Seattle for all of your DIY projects, including stunning bathroom transformations. Do you have friends and family who are also longing for a bathroom with a little more pizazz? Help to inspire their bathroom redesign projects by sharing these ideas.

Bathroom Makeover Seattle

Identifying the Differences Between Grout and Mortar

Seattle Tile Company

Although similar materials can seem interchangeable at a glance, they are best suited for specific uses; grout and mortar comprise one example of such similar materials. It helps to know the differences between materials so you can find out which one is being used in your porcelain tiles in Seattle. Read on for help in identifying the differences between grout and mortar.

Plasticity and Hardness
While grout and mortar may appear similar, their composition and consistency differ. Mortar is typically on the softer and more breathable side, and it is composed of cement and aggregate. Grout, which is made up of cement and sand, is dense, tough, and resistant to water. However, mortar mix is stiffer than that of grout, which is more fluid and watery. Additionally, mortar needs time to cure so that it can adequately hold objects together, whereas grout dries relatively quickly. When they are being used, grout should be poured and mortar should be spread. These differing characteristics make grout and mortar suitable for different types of applications.

These inherent characteristics prevent grout and mortar from being used interchangeably. Instead, they are each used to achieve a different effect. Mortar is an adhesive that is used to combine different objects and make them stick together, while grout is designed to act as a filler and address vacant spaces.

The varying intended purposes of grout and mortar make them ideal for different kinds of projects. Due to its adhesive properties, mortar is used for construction and masonry projects like brick laying; mortar also helps to protect these structures from air and moisture. Grout, on the other hand, is used to fill the spaces between glass tiles so that water does not become trapped underneath them.

If you would like further assistance in identifying the difference between grout and mortar, contact Tile For Less Washington or visit our website. We are a Bothell-based tiling company that offers cheap tiles and backsplashes in the Seattle area. You can get more information about our discount tiles by calling us at (206) 701-6980.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Tile

Tile in Seattle can make for excellent backsplashes or flooring in any kitchen, bathroom, or living space. Certain types of tile may also be available at cheap rates. Watch this video clip for a couple of factors to consider when choosing tile.

Tiles are versatile enough to be able to fit into any design scheme. Porcelain and ceramic are on the cheaper side, but the elegance and beauty of natural stone will be more costly. When installed properly, tiles may enjoy a long working life thanks to their durability. It is important for your tiles to be installed tightly and efficiently to avoid damage.

Tile For Less Washington is a tiling company that serves Seattle and Bothell. We are proud to provide high-quality glass, marble, and porcelain tiles. Feel free to give us a call at (206) 701-6980 or visit our website if you would like to learn more about our discount tile flooring.

Top Tips for Choosing New Tile

During a home construction project, you may need to choose new tile for bathroom or kitchen. Today’s tile manufacturers offer a wide selection of tile materials, from premium marble tile to affordable porcelain tile. When you are choosing new tile, it is a great idea to choose a material that is suited for a specific application in your home. For an overview of the steps of choosing tiles, watch this video from Francesca Azzara.

At Tile for Less Washington, we offer a great selection of cheap tile in Seattle. When you are embarking on home renovations, be sure to visit our tile store to get the best deals on your new tile. To learn more about the benefits of shopping for tile at our Seattle location, call us at (425) 967-8026.

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