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Factors to Consider When Selecting Tile for Your Shower

Whether you are restoring your current shower, or installing a brand new bathroom, it is important to make a smart choice when you select your shower tile. Whether you select porcelain tile or marble tile, your shower tile will have a major impact on the look and feel of your bathroom space. A store offering discount tiles in Seattle can help you select the ideal materials for your brand new shower. Here are some tips for choosing new tile for your shower.

When you are choosing new tile for your shower , it is important to consider how each material feels to the touch. For example, you should be sure to construct the floor of your shower out of tile that is pleasant to stand on. In addition, any seating areas should be finished with comfortable materials, such as tile slab. By considering the feel of your tile, you will create an inviting shower space.

Different tile sizes are appropriate for different areas of your shower. For example, if your shower has a curved area, you will need to choose smaller sized tiles so that you are able to completely cover the space. Flat areas can be outfitted with larger pieces of tile. Your tile expert can help you select the right size tile for each area of your new shower.

Visual Appeal
Along with considering the size and feel of your new tile, it is also important to think about the visual impact that your shower tile will have on your overall bathroom space. To create a striking shower area, you may want to create an accent wall out of a different tile type.

To get started on your shower tile installation, contact Tile for Less Washington by calling (425) 967-8026. We are proud to provide our satisfied customers in the Seattle area with a terrific selection of discount tile, and we will help you select the perfect tile for your upcoming project.

Top Tips for Choosing New Tile

During a home construction project, you may need to choose new tile for bathroom or kitchen. Today’s tile manufacturers offer a wide selection of tile materials, from premium marble tile to affordable porcelain tile. When you are choosing new tile, it is a great idea to choose a material that is suited for a specific application in your home. For an overview of the steps of choosing tiles, watch this video from Francesca Azzara.

At Tile for Less Washington, we offer a great selection of cheap tiles in Seattle. When you are embarking on home renovations, be sure to visit our tile store to get the best deals on your new tile. To learn more about the benefits of shopping for tile at our Seattle location, call us at (425) 967-8026.

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